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BlueMountain Houseware is a design oriented digital alarm clock manufacturer. Our products include LED and LCD alarm clock and data link with new products launched every season. We are proud to be memeber of Shenzhen Clock & Watch Association. 

Quality is our first priority. We use high quality polarizer, encapsulation chip (not COB), double sided PCB and strict 100% quality control to ensure the highest quality level of the final products.

We have project development experiences to provide ODM service. OEM is also welcome. 

We value the relationships with our customers and strive to provide our best services to our customers' full satisfaction.

Welcome to visit our factory or meet us in the following exhibitions. 
- Hong Kong Electronics Fair, 13-16 Apr, 2019
- Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair, 3-7 Sep, 2019

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Shenzhen BlueMountain Houseware Co., Ltd

Contact:Frank Luo

M:+86 13691662508 (Wechat/WhatsApp)

T:+86 755 23216530 

F: +86 755 29120536


Address:5F, Building 5, Tianfu'an Industrial Zone, Bao'an District,Shenzhen,China

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